Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Apple Icloud Activation Bypass Alternative to Doulci


GadgetWide iCloud Server

We have had reports of devices failing to activate. To counteract this we are offering a temporary IP based solution which is still a work in progress.

 Apple Plays it’s Hand


It appears that Apple has inserted some sort of anti-scripting mechanism in the latest version of iTunes. I am not 100% sure what they did exactly but I am rigorously looking for a speedy resolution. This issues is also apparent  on devices that have not upgraded. It looks like Apple is taking some serious measures just ahead of WWDC to  circumvent this vulnerability.

What are We Doing?

For those of you having issues activating your device, you can try connecting to our alternate GadgetWide activation server.
This is an evaluation for us so its not perfect, and its an alternative for you so lets see how it plays out.
The address line must be inserted exactly how it appears below into your existing hosts file. It must replace any other IP address currently assigned to this host. This line can be used in both Windows and Mac but it appears Apple has already taken steps to eliminate this type of proxy based activity within it’s OS, Apple has deployed numerous updates and they appear to be effective.

Regardless of the changes Apple has made, GadgetWide Cloud Control is still suggested as the primary tool to use. Anyone with Cloud Control installed will automatically receive the latest developments without having to do anything. Simply download the software and bypass your device. If you have issues you can try our alternative servers or simply wait with application and the solution will be delivered automatically.

The IP Address 

This is OUR experimental server, developed and operated by GadgetWide, this means that the same privacy terms used for GadgetWide apply for the use of this server.

Address To Use 

IP albert.apple.com 

IP albert.apple.com | Supports More Devices

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